Personal Licences

In last weeks we have received two more personal licences to operate from island of Jersey.

Additional chance for you to work some more Jersey DX contacts!

DXPedition Callsign MJ0ICD

I am very glad to announce that we have finally received our Jersey club licence:


Feel free to check our page. Hope to see you on the air in July!

Marek, OK1BIL


Thank you Pavel OK2RO, for your generous donation to our Jersey DXPedition budget! Every sponsor is getting a free QSL card direct as soon as we return!

First Team Meeting is over

First meeting of our DXPedition team in Pilsen has just ended. We have covered most of the topics like transportation, licensing and others. Our proposed antenna and transmitting set up was discussed in to higher detail. Final decision is to set up both RUN and MULT stations in high power configuration. We have also agreed on having a 6m antenna prepared and equipment for digital modes (RTTY, PSK31, and more).

DXPedition Team

DXPedition Team

Team Meeting in Pilsen

The team will meet in Pilsen on 22nd March. We will discuss equipment of both stations, basic schedule and other DXPedition details.

Contact Us 3

If you have any comments or suggestions on our DXPedition, feel free to contact us on our e-mail address or join our Facebook group.

Jersey DXPedition Google Group

IOTA EU-013 Information

The island of Jersey counts as IOTA EU-013. Prefixes used by local hams are GJ, MJ, 2J and counts as a DXCC Jersey. Foreighners should use MJ/ prefix according CEPT Recommendations.

Read more about the island on the RSGB IOTA EU-013 website.