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eskorte i stavanger gratis sms sex

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An alternative, supplementary method has been to add a hidden comment to the target section such as!- "Quark" links here - so that someone changing the title of that section can fix the incoming links. See also catPhrases creates: See also: Category:Phrases. (Legitimate red links are titles to unfulfilled coverage of topics that do not violate What Wikipedia is not.) Given a certain number of red links needed, if marking all of them could be overlinking, then just how. Links that are not used as sources can be listed in the External links section, like this: External links * https. The text needs to make sense to readers who cannot follow links. For notices that can be added to articles, see Template:Overlinked and Template:Underlinked. Such links are sometimes called " Easter egg " or "submarine" links. Dates (see  Chronological items, below) Do not link to pages that redirect back to the page the link is on (unless the link is to a redirect with possibilities that links to an appropriate section of the current article). 1,825 escort girl, fREE videos found on xvideos for this search Søster bror sex 3gp videoer. If both non-metric and metric equivalents are provided, as in 5 centimetres (2.0 in usually neither unit needs to be linked, because almost all readers will understand at least one of the units.

eskorte i stavanger gratis sms sex

is better than a direct link like dogpoodle, because when an actual poodle article is eventually created (replacing the redirect readers clicking on poodle will be taken there automatically without anyone needing to review. Position in article Main article: MOS:order Embedded links that support information in an article are positioned in the same manner as any other reference in the article, following the usual standards about citation formatting and placement in relation to punctuation. To link to a section within the same article,.g. Link maintenance Linking and continual change are both central features of Wikipedia. The years of birth and death of architect Philip Johnson should not be linked, because little if any content of 1906 or 2005 enhance the reader's understanding of Johnson or his work. Consider rephrasing the sentence, omitting one of the links, or using a single, more specific link instead (e.g. This is true of both "outgoing" links ( from an article) and "incoming" links ( to an article). Kalibreringsløsninger last ned krok for java. In glossaries, which are primarily referred to for encyclopedic entries on specific terms rather than read from top to bottom like a regular article, it is usually desirable to repeat links (including to other terms in the glossary). This can be done with the use of the pipe character ( ). Many topics useful for linking may currently appear only as sections of other Wikipedia articles, but are potentially notable enough to become articles on their own. For example, a physicist speaking of barns is highly unlikely to wish to link to Barn instead of Barn (unit), and any reader needing to click on such a link almost certainly will struggle to make sense of what the system offers. Valid requests for the future creation of each title in a list, or in prose, may also be a risky investment when the number of red links could be perceived by other editors as overlinking, and then removed before the investment was fruitful.

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Units relating to currency, time, temperature, length, area, or volume. For example, to link to the "Culture" subsection of the article Oman, type Oman#Cultureculture of Oman; this displays as culture of Oman (note that the section name is case-sensitive). The removal of massive numbers of red links from an overlinked list is best handled by an editor skilled in the automation of text processing. It is good practice to place an anchor whenever the section is expected to be the target of an incoming wikilink, either from elsewhere in the same article or from anywhere else outside the article. Links are not sensitive to initial capitalization, so there is no need to use the pipe character where the case of the initial letter is the only difference between the link text and the target page (Wikipedia article titles. Definitely do not link "wheat because it is a common term with no particular relationship to the article on supply and demand, beyond its arbitrary use as an example of traded goods in that article. Timeline of World War II (1942) might be linked to from another article about wwii 1787 in science might be linked from a passage discussing a particular development in the metric system which occurred in that year. The function of links is to clarify, not emphasize; do not create links in order to draw attention to certain words or ideas, or as a mark of respect. Syntax The syntax for referencing a URL is simple. Do not unnecessarily make a reader chase links: if a highly technical term can be simply explained with very few words,. Ord:, eskprte tr?ndelag, sexdate trondheim, k?te damer s?ker sex, eskorte damer, sms sex date trondheim, sex treff tr?ndelag, gratis sms date i trondheim, k?t esjortedame trondheim, knulledamer sms trondheim, sex damer i trondhei chat gratis, lokal sex date, sms k?te damer. This parameter accepts language names or ISO 639-1 language codes. Contents, principles, wikipedia is based on hypertext, and aims to "build the web" to enable readers to access relevant information on other pages easily. An exception to this rule is when linking to articles in Did you know (DYK) " hooks " on the Main Page, where piping links to avoid readers seeing a redirect notice is preferable, and the hook will only be live for a short time. You should plan your page structure and links so that everything appears reasonable and makes sense.

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Articles with relevant information, for example: "see Fourier series for relevant background" Articles explaining words of technical terms, jargon or slang expressions/phrasesbut you could also provide a concise definition instead of or in addition to a link. If a link is to a PDF file but doesn't end with.pdf, you can put a #.pdf at the end to flag it as a PDF. For example, when seeing the link Archery at the 2008 Summer OlympicsArchery, which displays as Archery, the reader will probably expect this link to go to a general article on archery, rather than Archery at the 2008 Summer Olympics specifically. an open-content encyclopedia (this is rendered as " an open-content encyclopedia. You might want to create a redirect from "poodle" to "dog" as follows: Link as usual: She owned a poodle. But if too many blue links is distracting (reducing the chance the article will be read then a red link is even more. Click on the red link, and you will be invited to create a new page for poodle ; enter (perhaps) #redirect Dog, so that readers clicking on poodle will be taken, for now, to the dog article. When doing this, add a hidden comment to the target section such as!- The article ArticleName links here. Link clarity The article linked to should correspond to the term showing as the link as closely as possible given the context: for example, When Mozart wrote his Requiem (See also  Piped links on how to achieve this). You can link to a category by putting a colon in front. For example: The date (or year) should not be linked in a sentence such as (from Sydney Opera House "The Sydney Opera House was made a unesco World Heritage Site on because little if any content of either. Avoid: Topic#Historyhistory of Topic. Refrain from implementing colored links that may impede user ability to distinguish links from regular text, or color links for purely aesthetic reasons. Beware of linking to an article without first confirming that it is helpful in context; the fact that its title matches the concept you wish to link to does not guarantee that it deals with the desired topic at all. Duplicate links in an article can be found using the duplinks-alt sidebar tool.

eskorte i stavanger gratis sms sex